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New 2023 Toyota Hilux GR Redesign

New 2023 Toyota Hilux GR Redesign

New 2023 Toyota Hilux GR Redesign – The information we’re getting right now Toyota is looking for a big diesel to drive the performance-scented HiLux more powerfully, with its executives confirming as much as possible to the media in 2018, with the only problem remaining is that it doesn’t have it at its disposal. Will Toyota release the latest generation 2023 Toyota Hilux GR as it has been reported.

2023 Toyota Hilux GR Redesign
2023 Toyota Hilux GR Redesign

The Toyota Hilux is a compact pickup truck sold by Japanese automakers in many markets around the world. Toyota has previously promised that any car awarded a GR badge will benefit from a noticeable performance improvement from ordinary cars. And that means the New Toyota GR HiLux 2023 should improve performance factors, no matter if the focus is then on the road or beyond.

Currently, Toyota does not offer a high-performance Hilux that can match the offroad capabilities of the Ranger Raptor and even the Hilux GR Sport fails. However, high-performance Hilux GR is in the process and its development is indeed very interesting. We learned that the Hilux GR signage was trademarked in Australia earlier this year and is expected to be marketed with the next generation Hilux by 2023.

2023 Toyota Hilux GR Design

Toyota reported that the GR Hilux name has become a trademark in Australia and even made the news that the sportier Hilux was in the works. Based on this latest scoop, it seems the GR Hilux will be more than just an accessory pick-up truck.

2023 Toyota Hilux GR Design
2023 Toyota Hilux GR Design

The 2023 Toyota Hilux GR will no doubt feature a significantly improved look to differentiate itself from the standard Hilux. It is also likely to be equipped with an improved suspension system, improved brakes, and an improved chassis, all combined to ensure well-known offroad performance.

2023 Toyota Hilux GR Engine Performance

Toyota Gazoo Racing President Shigeki Tomoyama told the media attending the 24 Hours of Le Mans that he wanted a great performance bred by HiLux from the Dakar-winning brand.

Deep in 2018, Toyota set a record by saying it would look for “big diesel” to drive the fast HiLux, suggesting gasoline engines – such as the V6 that will eventually be discontinued due to lack of interest – would not be cut in GR models.

2023 Toyota Hilux GR Engine
2023 Toyota Hilux GR Engine

The problem, of course, is that there is no such machine. But that changed last week when news emerged of a large V6 diesel engine that was expected to find a home in the Australian version of the LandCruiser 300 Series.

While Toyota has not officially confirmed, CarsGuide understands that the V6 engine will be all-new, and we know it will find its way into other cars from Toyota as well. You can expect the power to meet or exceed the 200kW and 650Nm offered from the current V8 diesel in the LandCruiser 200 Series, and the brake crane capacity becomes very impressive as well.

And that’s good news for the fast HiLux. The brand’s best-selling dual-cab currently produces a healthy 130kW and 450Nm. And even the Ford Ranger Raptor produces only 157kW and 500Nm of power.

On the other hand, Toyota has spent a lot of money to build this new engine for the Land Cruiser 300, but to refund the production costs, it makes sense if the engine is borrowed by another product. But, to maintain exclusivity, Toyota can take it off in the Hilux.

2023 Toyota Hilux GR Release Date

While Toyota has not officially confirmed the model, the brand has trademarked the GR HiLux name in Australia, with the go-fast ute expected to launch with the next new HiLux, likely in 2023.

Toyota has released a high-performance version of its 4×4 model in North America with the Tacoma and 4Runner TRD Pro. However, Hilux and Fortuner could be the first GR-badged performing off-roaders and are expected to arrive in Malaysia.

Do you think the GR Hilux will be a limited edition model or trim on the Hilux that will be sold alongside the others? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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